3:50 am – I wake up because my wrist is itching.  I get out of bed and scramble to  find my glasses, the flashlight, and the spray bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol.

3:51 am – Bedbug found and destroyed.  Chalk up another victory for humanity.

4:00 am – I shut off my boyfriend’s alarm before it starts beeping and wake him up.  I decide to stay up a little while and give the Aveeno lotion some time to work its magic and make the itching disappear.

4:20 am – My boyfriend gets out of the shower and comes over to see me while I’m checking my email.  He leans over to kiss me and says, “Happy Anniversary!”  And I say “… What?”  He blinks at me for a second before repeating, “Happy Anniversary!”  My first thought is OMG, I lost track of the days and now it’s our anniversary already!  My second thought is OMG, I have to do my taxes!!!  Because yes, our first date was on tax day.  Romantic, huh?  Anyway, between the situation we’re going through with the apartment right now, plus this Other Personal Issue I’ve been dealing with that’s been giving me agita, for the first time since we’ve been dating I actually lost track of our anniversary.  Which especially sucks because my relationship with my boyfriend is sometimes the only thing that helps me cope when things are going badly, whether I’m dealing with bedbugs or Other Personal Issues.

4:30 am – Well, I’m awake now.  So I might as well stay up, finish checking my email, and … hey, I know!  I  can DO MY TAXES!!!

8:30 am – I run out to catch the bus and go to work.  I don’t realize until it’s too late that I left my iPod Touch on the table right next to the door.  Dammit.  So I’m going to have to spend a whole day without listening to any podcasts, or playing Words With Friends (or 100 Rogues, or Plants vs. Zombies, or Angry Birds), or checking my personal email accounts.  Dammit dammit dammit.  Oh, and while I’m on the elevator I talk to one of my neighbors about some bedbug-related developments in our building — the woman who was having a nervous breakdown because she had endured so many extermination treatments after only living here a few months finally decided that she couldn’t handle it any more and moved out of the building.

9:00 am – 4:00 pm – Working (answering reference questions, weeding, etc.) alternating with decompressing in the staff room or my office (where I am subjected to loud conversations between colleagues and patrons which I would normally try to drown out by listening to my podcasts.  Dammit.)

4:00 pm – I meet with my Teen Advisory Group.  I have a few things I want to accomplish as part of my loosely structured agenda.  I want to convince my kids to come in next week (on their week off from school) to attend the next session in a multi-part program that was very poorly attended last week.  I want to go over some book choices from our Baker & Taylor book carts with them so that I can spend what little money we have on the stuff that they want the most.  I want to go over some of the new DVD titles that are being offered by Operation Anime to see which ones they’d like me to order for our Anime Night program.  Well, most of that agenda went out the window early on.  These kids, and keep in mind that the teens who bother showing up for the Teen Advisory Group meetings are my best kids, had ZERO attention spans today.  They were all in vacation mode already, and bouncing off of the walls with boundless energy.  It was so difficult just to get them to listen to me for a few minutes and stop reading magazines out loud to each other, stop running around, stop yelling, etc. that eventually I just gave up.  I promoted the program that I wanted them to come to, stressing that I wanted them to come and to bring their friends along.  After that I started talking about the anime choices, but they spent as much time talking to each other as they did talking to me, so eventually I just gave up.  I sat and listened to them talk for a while, and just waited to see what would happen.  Finally one of the girls turned to me and said, “I’m sorry, were you going to say anything else?”  To which I replied, “Nope.  The meeting ended ten minutes ago.”  I was REALLY pissed off at them, but I just dismissed them rather than, you know, yelling at them.  Well, okay, I DID raise my voice a little to a boy who thought he would pocket several handfuls of cookies on the way out of the meeting.  I told him that he’d had enough sugar for the day, and I did say it loudly.  Then I took the leftover cookies and ended up just throwing them out because I was just so frustrated about the whole thing.

Oh, and to bring my day around full circle, let me explain that I usually take the day off for our anniversary so that I  can go shopping for a unique gift and/or make a fancy dinner.  But this year I didn’t do that because I didn’t want to cancel the Teen Advisory Group meeting!  GAH!!!

That sound you hear is the sound of me banging my head against the wall.

8:45 pm – I am getting ready to meet my boyfriend for dinner at one of our local restaurants.  If things go well, we will have a lovely dinner, unwind, and look deeply into each others’ eyes as we profess our love for each other.  If my luck goes the way it’s BEEN going, however, the waiter will drop my meal in my lap and my hair will catch on fire when I get too close to the candle on the table when I lean over to kiss my boyfriend.  *SIGH*

Well, here’s hoping for my luck to change …