As I mentioned in the ETA of my last post, after a week’s worth of cleaning / heating / sorting / storing, we were categorically unable to be ready in time for the exterminator’s visit today.  I had to call them to cancel, and I told them that it would take us at least another week to finish going through all of our stuff and then put bags and bins of our belongings into a storage unit (Yes, we have to rent a storage unit now.  There’s no other way of getting around this.)  Then I had to call the vet to cancel the boarding for the cat.  I just got off the phone with my job to cancel the vacation time I was going to take tomorrow afternoon to pick up the cat from the vet.  And so it goes, down like a row of dominoes.

You might be wondering how much progress we DID make in one week’s time.  Well, we made a lot of progress, but clearly it wasn’t enough.  Here’s some photographic evidence of what the apartment looked like this morning, after sorting through over a decade’s worth of STUFF:

If I told you that it took a really long time to clean this closet out, you’d believe me, right?  This was the former home of lots of stuff that we hadn’t seen in years which we threw out because we hadn’t used/worn them in so long, many of my boyfriend’s suits which he threw away because there wasn’t enough room to store them (he feels absolutely sick over this), and those beautiful dresses from Ann Taylor that I outgrew several years ago *SOB*.  Very soon we’re going to use this space to store some of the boxes and bags that we have scattered all over the apartment.  They can stay there until we get that storage unit.

The PackTite (the big black boxy thing in front of the desk) is one of the only things that’s helping me keep my sanity right now.  If I had ten more of them I could get through this a lot faster (but I’d probably blow out my electrical circuits).

This pathway is especially hazardous at night when we stumble through here in the darkness on our way to get to the bathroom.

My poor baby.  This has been very confusing for him.  Well, at least he didn’t need to go to the vet today …

The exterminator’s office did say that we could store stuff in the kitchen (apparently they just treat the kitchen entranceways since bedbugs don’t usually find victims sleeping there).  But this is just a small fraction of our belongings; my boyfriend got this far along and stopped because there was NO WAY that all of our boxes and bins of stuff were going to fit in here.  We will be moving this stuff into the closet as soon as we finish fixing up the closet floor.  And by fixing up I mean …

Take a closet in an apartment building that was built in the 1930’s.  Then let several generations of people put their stuff in that closet and never really look at it the entire time that they live there.  Well, now that we finally got all of our stuff out of the closet and off of the floor, we can see about a million places where bedbugs could possibly be hiding.  Last night when I got home from work I vacuumed all over the apartment but I started the job here, because weeding through everything in the closet and inhaling a metric ton of dust, cat fur, and God knows what else made me incredibly congested for the entire day.  This morning my boyfriend mopped this floor, and he just finished putting sealant into the largest cracks and crevices.  Once that dries, he’s going to coat the closet floor with polyurethane.  Then once THAT dries, we’ll start moving our boxes and bags in here so that we can start living like human beings again.

Hopefully within another week (or so) we will have tackled enough of our belongings that we’ll be able to put a sizeable chunk of it into storage.  Maybe with the books, videos, bookcases, etc. out of the way we’ll be able to follow the extermination prep and get our apartment treated properly.

Um … sorry, I didn’t mean “maybe.”  I meant “definitely.”