Since my boyfriend and I actually had time off together for once, we achieved a lot more than I usually do alone.  So here’s what we’ve done so far, in no particular order:

We FINALLY saw The King’s Speech.  I’m not going to describe what a great movie this is, because either you already know or you haven’t seen it yet.

We had hot dogs at Crif Dogs.  Specifically, I tried the Tsunami and my boyfriend tried the Garden State, and then we also sampled bites of each others’ choices.  And OMG they were delightful!!!  Tangential note — what exactly is the connection between New Jersey and the mysterious product known as “Taylor Ham?”

We had dinner at I Coppi, which was a delightful Tuscan meal.  My boyfriend had the stewed wild boar over soft polenta, and it was unusual, rustic, and delicious.

We finally checked out the Essex Street Market.

We revisited a lot of our favorite places downtown, like Forbidden Planet and Sur La Table.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I’m not sharing pictures of our expedition, the short answer is because I have rocks for brains.  You see, I actually put my little camera in my purse, charged up not one but two of my batteries … and forgot to check if there was a memory stick in the camera.  Oops.  So the only proof I have that we went downtown at all is this picture that my boyfriend took with his phone of the Crif Dogs entrance:

(He took that picture so he could email it to his moron friends, in case you were wondering)

We took Kitty to the vet.  He had some gum problems and had to have several teeth extracted, so after dealing with that trauma (both his and ours) (do you understand how disconcerting it was NOT to hear purring in my ear while I was going to sleep?) he is recuperating at home.  We’re not quite back to normal yet; twice a day my boyfriend still has to hold him down and give him his antibiotic, and we’re going to reintroduce dry food again tomorrow.  He actually has to go to TWO follow-up visits — they didn’t want to give him his vaccinations so soon after the dental procedure so he has to go back for those, and they also recommended he see an opthamologist to look at some spots in his eyes — but we’re going to space those things apart to give him time to recuperate.  My poor baby!

We bought a new desk (which looks almost but not exactly like this one) to replace our old desk (ETA: Actually, that is EXACTLY the same model that we bought at the store for $149 … however, the $199 version on the website is listed as qualifying for “free delivery,” so the delivery charge is built in!) Unfortunately we scheduled to pick it up today.  In the rain.  Which will be pretty frigging miserable.  Anyway, my boyfriend is borrowing his parents’ car so we can pick it up from Staples, and then we plan to spend the next several hours assembling the damn thing.  Which should be both exciting and exhausting.  Ditto on getting our old desk out of our apartment, into the elevator, and into the basement.  We might have to ask for our super’s help, but I am confident (or deluded) that we can do this ourselves.  After that’s done we’ll go out to dinner at the Indian Cafe, a place on the upper-upper West side that we’ve wanted to visit for a while.

On a related note, we’ve been using a bunch of Groupon and Living Social coupons my boyfriend got for a lot of fine dining.  He’s had them for months, and we’ve been looking for a good time to use them.  Apparently, that time is now.

We met one of our new neighbors, had a long conversation with her, and printed out a bunch of information for her.  Which ties in to the reason that she might not be our neighbor for very long.  Which will tie into my NEXT blog post, about one of the top two reasons that people stumble across my blog.  Many people find my blog because they’re searching for information about floating collections.  And many people find my blog because they’re searching for something else.  I’ll give you a hint.  It has six legs and can make your life an absolute living hell.  It can make you want to break your apartment lease after just three months, penalties be damned.

Stay tuned, Dear Readers.  It ain’t gonna be pretty.