If you are surprised that I’m interested in the Superbowl, let me clarify that.  My boyfriend is interested in the game itself, I am interested in watching the cool new commercials, and the big game gives me the excuse to try out different recipes for a variety of savory/toasty things.  On today’s menu we have:

Tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole (all store-bought, but nice upscale stuff)

Hot Wings from KFC (The largest size comes in a bucket now.  There’s nothing that makes you feel more like a glutton than eating a BUCKET of something!)

Apples and strawberries, with Stonyfield Organic Banilla yogurt for dipping.

Some “Bridge and Poker Sandwiches” from The Silver Palate Cookbook:  Prosciutto & Provolone cheese on Italian bread covered with pesto mayonnaise and broiled open-faced until bubbly, and turkey breast / avocado / jalapeno-jack cheese on sourdough bread, buttered and grilled in a hot skillet

Some more sandwiches from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express: Turkey and Pear Wrap With Curried Aioli, and Gruyere Apple Grilled Cheese With Bacon

Beer (Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat)

Soda (Pepsi Throwback and fancy-schmancy ginger ale)

Dessert: Banana Ginger Granita (also from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express)

Now, before you start saying … Wait, isn’t that a LOT of food for two people???  I would like to add that we will be eating this stuff over the course of the afternoon and evening, if we get too full I will stop making stuff and we’ll save some of it for tomorrow, and TECHNICALLY we are two people plus one hungry cat.

ETA (Later, after the Packers’ win): Wow.  We didn’t even get to, like, HALF of this stuff.  Well, we’re going to be having lots of savory sandwiches over the next few days!