Well, between the need to get chores done around the house and the lousy weather, I haven’t done anything exciting yet during my week off.  Although I did make a delightful Chicken Paprika dinner tonight, so I guess it depends on what you mean by “exciting.”  But I’m planning on going out tomorrow and bringing my camera along.  It’s supposed to be very cold, so I’m choosing an indoor option of visiting the American Museum of Natural History.  I want to visit my favorite areas of the museum, namely the dinosaurs and the gems/minerals/meteorites.  It’s my favorite museum in New York City, yet I’ve never taken pictures there before.  So this time I’ll be visiting armed with my camera and with the museum’s Explorer app that I just downloaded on my iPod Touch today.

And then afterwards I’ll be checking out some local hot chocolate options, of course 🙂

ETA (1/20/11): The American Museum of Natural History was a lot of fun.  I got to check out a few of my favorite things, like the dinosaurs, the big blue whale, and lots of small shiny objects.  Plus a few big shiny objects, as well …