Visualize the space between my temples.  Now visualize an iron spike in that space.

Christ, this is a bad one.

Well, it’s almost 4:00 am, and I’ve been up since 2:30, which was when I got out of bed to throw up.  I presume this is because of the migraine, although it could be because I took two sinus headache tablets on an empty stomach at 1:30 am.

So anyway, now I’m having a cup of strong coffee (my mother’s favorite migraine treatment), a Luna Bar, and two Excedrin Migraine pills.  I’m afraid to go back to bed, because I’m afraid of throwing up again.  So instead …

I’m listening to some podcasts, I’m checking the NY1 website and Twitter feeds to see if there’s any news about school closings (so maybe my boyfriend won’t have to get up at 4:30 after all), and I’m shopping for library books on the Baker & Taylor website.  When my head and my stomach feel more stable I’ll go crashing back to sleep, but for now I’m up and I’m keeping busy.  I hope the libraries end up closing, because otherwise between my colleagues being snowed in and me calling out sick, staffing will be pretty lousy at my branch today.

So my computer screen isn’t supposed to be glowing this much, is it?  Also, the snow plows going down the street sound much too loud.  Man, this is a bad one.

ETA (5:07 am): Public schools are going to be open today.  I just gave my boyfriend the bad news.  Pffffft.

ETA (6 am): My boyfriend just called from the bus on his way in to work, where he will be spending the morning trying to figure out how to schedule coverages for all of the teachers who call out today.  I’m going to try lying down while hiding my head under a pillow.  All the lights are still too bright and the sounds are still too loud.  My boyfriend is going to call me before 9:00 so I can call out sick from work.  I don’t think this is going to be a productive day.

ETA (2 pm): Spending the day doing not much of anything, alternating between ingesting caffeine and sleeping.  I have all the blinds drawn like a vampire.  The cat is officially bewildered by my presence and my behavior.

ETA (9 pm): I finally feel stable enough to take a shower, wash my hair, and subsequently comb out my wet hair while hanging my head upside down.  My boyfriend’s response?  “Well, good!  That’s progress!” My response? “But it took THE WHOLE FRIGGING DAY!!!”