Happy New Year, Dear Readers!

Today I got an email from WordPress giving me a summary of this blog for the last year, which gave me a good overview of what I’ve been writing about and what you’ve been reading.  Apparently, my most popular blog posts were the ones in which I wrote about bedbugs, floating collections, and being sick.  So it seems that I’ve already laid the groundwork in case I ever decide to go the Munchausen Syndrome route.

Now as the new year begins, I’m thinking back on the last year and thinking back on New Year’s Eve.  And on a tangential note I was wondering — do any of you have any interesting New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day traditions?  I learned about the “first-foot” New Year’s Day tradition from a friend’s blog today, but I’d never heard of it before.  I guess we never had visitors on New Year’s Day, so we never dwelled on whether or not the first person to cross our threshold was a tall dark man.  My boyfriend says that when he was a kid, that they would bang on pots and pans out the window at midnight on New Year’s Eve to scare away evil spirits and bad luck.  And when I was a kid, my mother used to do this lead-pouring thing with us on New Year’s Eve.  We had a collection of these lead objects for years — mine usually looked like castles, or at least I thought they did.  It definitely had a Rorschach test kind of vibe.

Anyway, thinking about the last year is making me think about the year to come.  While I will probably write more about the same topics that I did last year, 2011 promises at least one major improvement.  Our new library is scheduled to open in 2011; I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually open on schedule.  Hopefully the new building will help to resolve several of our ongoing problems — not enough shelf space, not enough seating, not enough program space, not enough public restrooms, not enough computers, not enough electrical outlets for our patrons to plug in their laptops.  Plus, of course, it will be nice to work in a building that is better designed in terms of heating, cooling, and other general “quality of life” issues.  I’m definitely looking forward to working in a library without so many leaking and flooding problems.

So 2011 has the potential, at least, for being an improvement over 2010.  I hope that’s the case for me, and I also wish the same for all of you.  Good luck in the new year!