So this week turned out to be fairly productive, at least by my usual standards.  In addition to the reading / reviewing / etc. I mentioned in my last post, I also went to the movies (Nowhere Boy) and did a lot of shopping.  We’ve been enjoying the results of my shopping sprees over the last few days … well, WE have been enjoying a variety of exotic foodstuffs — sweets from the Black Hound bakery and dumplings from Plump Dumpling.  Meanwhile *I* have been enjoying a variety of pampering hair- and body-care products from some of my favorite upscale stores.  Which explains why I currently smell like … well, what I would imagine it would smell like if a bomb made out of potpourri exploded on the beach (that’s orange and cinnamon mixed with salt and seaweed, in case you were wondering).  Oh, and thanks to our friends in the white lab coats I am also more deeply moisturized than any person has a right to be.

Well, tomorrow we’re going to the New York Chocolate Show, so at least when I go back to work on Monday I’ll have enough sugar in my system to keep my spirits up.  Plus, we’ll be having our Anime Night program which I have been talking up to all of my class visits for the last month, so I think we’ll have a good crowd in to watch Mushi-Shi.  Here’s hoping!