Okay, so I got up dreadfully early this morning so that I would be on time for my 8:15 class.  It wasn’t until I checked in at the school’s security desk, got into the library, retrieved and unpacked my suitcase, and then sat there twiddling my thumbs for a while that I double-checked my calendar and realized that I had misread my notes.  I had written 8:15 as the time I planned to get to the school in order to be ready for a class starting at 8:47.


So then I started reading a new autobiography that I had in my bag (I’m Not High by Jim Breuer), and it was while I was reading it that the school librarian came to tell me that the teacher had just called to cancel the visit.

And I had nothing scheduled for the following period.


So I basically showed up at the school just before 8am and had nothing to do until my first class at 11:11.  Which is how I found myself eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the library’s work room (aka the “junk room”) at 9:00 in the morning.  I presume that the room earned its nickname because it contained a plethora of boxes, equipment, furniture, electrical cables … and one pair of boots.  In various stages of disarray.

Anyway, I finished reading my book and then conducted the rest of my class visits.  Then I went back to my branch, checked in all of my booktalking titles, and went to put the books on the top shelf of my YA book truck to make them easier for the kids to find.  And that was when I discovered that my book truck, which had recently multiplied to two book trucks due to the combination of floating collection overflow and not enough pages to shelve our materials, has now evolved into THREE book trucks.