I’m winding down a series of class visits that I’ve been conducting over the last several weeks.  After tomorrow, I will have visited every seventh grade class at three of my local schools.  The way that my luck usually works, the weather is at its worst whenever I have to travel the most.  I’ve spent far too many days dragging my rolling suitcase through pouring rain and driving snow.  This year I’ve been having the opposite luck — sunny skies and beautiful temperatures.  Unfortunately good weather brings along its own set of problems, because good weather is fire drill weather.

Which probably explains why more of my classes have been interrupted by fire drills and emergency evacuations than usual.  Every school has a quota of drills that they have to conduct throughout the year, so the administrators will usually pick nice days to conduct them.  But what I didn’t realize is that nowadays there are even more types of drills than there used to be when I was a kid.  This morning I got the following email from the librarian at the school I’m visiting today:

Late on Monday, the principal announced an emergency “drill” for today–it is unannounced. This means it can happen at any moment of the day. This is the “intruder” drill–the Columbine type.

If you are giving your presentation during that time, I have to “herd” the children into one of the back rooms, lock the doors, and tell them to hide. In interesting time will be had by all (as they usually are during these drills)….

So this might end up being an even stranger day than usual.  We’ll see what happens.