This is not to say that blogging about whether or not soda bottles explode in freezers ISN’T deep and meaningful, of course …

Anyway, I just got home after a lovely evening out seeing Colin Quinn’s new one-man show, Long Story Short (note: an audio/video promotional clip will start automatically playing when you click on that link), in which he discusses the history of the world (with a few tangents) in 75 minutes.  The show mixed comedy, history, and philosophy, and it was REALLY cool — my history-loving boyfriend thought so, too!  Anyway, if you get a chance to see it I highly recomend this show.  It just opened yesterday, and it’s running until January 8th.  It will make you laugh and think, and those are both Very Good Things.

So to insure that I wouldn’t have a coughing fit during the show I took a dose of Theraflu before leaving home.  I also put a bunch of lozenges in my pocket and bought a soda in the lobby (which came to $6 including the REQUIRED sippy cup that was the only way I could bring it into the theater).  But the most important thing about the evening is that I did not have a coughing fit, and so did not disrupt the rest of the audience.

Anyway, I’ve been working on a Deep and Meaningful blog post a little at a time over the last week.  As soon as I proofread it with a clear head I’ll put it up, so be on the lookout!