Health progress report: chugging along slowly.  I had my boyfriend put some super-duper-healing moisturizer on that spot on my shoulder because the skin is tightening as it heals and that’s getting REALLY irritating.  This morning I woke up with a coughing fit at 3 am, followed by another one at 6am.  Most of the day was fine, although this morning when I went to Walgreen’s to get extra refreshments for my Teen Advisory Group I decided to pick up some cough & cold medications as well … but I wasn’t allowed to actually buy the stuff I needed the most!  It turns out that they’re really serious about the whole “teenagers could be turning cold medications into crack cocaine” idea, because they wouldn’t let me buy Theraflu or Dayquil without showing ID, which of course I had left back at the branch because now that I’m in my FORTIES I don’t expect to be carded anymore.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to observe a moment of silence to reflect on the fact that the statement “I’m in my forties” is, in fact, true.


Okay, let’s move on.

So I left Walgreen’s with Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Oreos, Doritos, and one little bag of Halls mentholated cough drops.  Which, when consumed, made me feel like someone was scrubbing out the inside of my skull with eucalyptus leaves.  Then followed a long day of me trying to remember all the stuff I had to do involving the class visits I’d just completed and the ones I’ll be conducting over the next few weeks, preparing for my Teen Advisory Group meeting, placing orders for books that may end up being cancelled because the budget is so lousy, etc. etc. etc.  Oh, and I also drank a lot of herbal tea and answered patron questions, too.  After my TAG meeting, which included several new members from the school I visited this week (yay!), I packed my bags, took out my ID, went to Rite Aid to buy exactly the same products that Walgreen’s had denied me earlier … and the guy let me buy them with no questions asked.  WTF???

And it wasn’t until I got home, had dinner, took a shower and FINALLY started to unwind that one of the synapses in my brain must have realigned itself and brought a single thought bubbling up to the surface:

Oh my God.  Did I leave an extra bottle of soda in the freezer this afternoon?

Yeah, so … um … yeah.  Well, I guess I’m going to find out what happened tomorrow morning when I call and explain the situation to my colleagues.  Worse comes to worst, I can always stop by and clean it up.  So … am I correct in thinking that only cans of soda explode when you freeze them?  What about plastic bottles?


ETA (10/23/10): Woo-Hoo!  Good news!  Check out the comments to get the update 🙂