The Story So Far: In the first two books of this trilogy (The Hunger Games and Catching Fire), Katniss competes in the deadly televised competition known as The Hunger Games, manages to win against overwhelming odds, and feels her heart being pulled in two different directions.  Does she really love Gale, her best friend since childhood who later discovered that he loved her?  Or does she love Peeta, her fellow Hunger Games competitor, who tried to help her beat the system and who has romanced her publicly in front of millions of viewers?

Meanwhile, President Snow has Katniss in his sights because her rebellious nature is undermining his authority and that of the Capitol.  And in another district which no longer officially exists, a group of rebels decides that Katniss is the key to their salvation, and to overthrowing the government once and for all.  They want her to be the symbol of their revolution, to be the Mockingjay that will inspire the other districts to revolt against the Capitol.

That’s the question that weighs heavily on Katniss’ mind at the beginning of Mockingjay: will she agree to be used as a pawn in this much larger game?  Will she be the face of the revolution, a tool in the propaganda machine, the inspiration for thousands of people to rebel against the only government they’ve ever known?

In a word, yes. But to use more words, only under certain conditions.

I can tell you that Katniss, her friends, and her family are in mortal danger on more than one occasion.

I can tell you that Katniss has many reasons to distrust the Capitol, but she also has reasons to distrust the people who want to topple that government.

I can tell you that if you thought that President Snow was creepy before, you’ll REALLY think he’s creepy now.

I can tell you that the mutts return in this book.  And ditto on the creepiness.

And I can tell you that Katniss does, at the end, FINALLY, make a choice between Gale and Peeta. And it was the one that you were expecting.  Unless, of course, you picked the other guy.

And that’s ALL I’m going to tell you 🙂