The Good News:

We finally got a bunch of new (used) chairs to fill most of the gaps at the tables in our adult room. We’ve been asking for new chairs for months and months, and we’ve had more and more adults coming downstairs to sit in the children’s room because they (accurately) pointed out that there weren’t enough places to sit upstairs.  We got eight chairs that another library in our system didn’t need, which was invaluable since we can’t actually afford any NEW furniture.  Of course, my colleague Captain Bringdown took one look at the room and said, “We still need three more chairs.”  Given how long we had to wait for these chairs, I don’t think we’re getting any more furniture any time soon.

The Bad News:

I got an email message two days ago about some suspicious activity on my debit card.  But Hotmail was telling me that the message itself was dangerous, so I thought this was a phishing scam.  Then I got home from work yesterday and heard a message on my answering machine from a Broadway theater that they couldn’t send me the tickets I’d just ordered the other day because my card had been rejected.  Which has never EVER happened to me before, because I never spend what I don’t have.  So one exciting exchange of phone calls and emails later, I am now temporarily debit card-less (for the next 7-10 business days), and extremely pissed off.  Some nimrod mastermind, or pack of nimrod masterminds, tried to use my debit card number multiple times last week to charge Greyhound bus tickets, and plane tickets on Southwest, Delta, and US Airways.  This, then, was the suspicious activity.  So now I’m corresponding with Chase’s fraud department and customer claims department while I’m grinding my teeth.  My card has never left my possession, so I’m assuming that some company I dealt with recently didn’t have a sufficiently secure connection or it was hacked or something.  What a frigging mess!

My boyfriend did have a significant follow-up question — how were they planning to get on the plane, since you have to show ID to get on?  And I said that it wasn’t hard to put a fake ID together.  But now I’m wondering … so now are there fake IDs with my name on them floating around?  And is this going to cause problems when I fly to San Francisco next month?  I mean, my boyfriend bought the plane tickets, but I’m wondering if my ID is going to set off some kind of alarm.  Again I say, what a frigging mess!