Several years ago I learned from a fellow librarian that the New York Comic Con offered free “professional” admission to teachers and librarians in addition to the people you would normally think belonged in that category (buyers, dealers, retailers).  Going to this convention, and later to the New York Anime Festival was a lot of fun, but it was also invaluable for learning about new graphic novels and manga and getting the opportunity to pick up free stuff that I could later use as prizes and incentives for the teens in my library.  Both of these conventions took place at the Javits Center in Manhattan, but they had very strange schedules.  It was increasingly difficult for me to go to these programs because they wouldn’t be held at the same time every year.   Well, this year one thing will be easier, at least.  Both programs will take place together from Friday October 8th – Sunday October 10th.  And the coolest thing about the professional registration is a) you can get free admission for Friday and b) you can go to the “professional hours” on Friday from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (they open to THE PUBLIC at 1pm).  Yes, all the fancy-schmancy stuff happens on Saturday and Sunday.  That’s when all the big guests show up, and the big screenings, and the big events.  But it’s just nice to be recognized as a real “professional,” you know?

Anyway, go check out the professional registration website to sign up:

If you’re only going on Friday, it costs nothing.  If you want to go the rest of the weekend, the costs are still reasonable.  I’m only going on Friday, because the rest of the weekend I’ll be traveling around the city enjoying one of my other favorite NYC events, Open House New York.  Both programs are definitely worth your time.  Enjoy!!!