We have been flooded with calls, emails, and visits since the announcement of Mr. X’s demotion.  Unfortunately, half of the news is mixed with rumors, misunderstandings, and conspiracy theories.  There might be a kernel of truth in some of these … but I don’t know if we’ll ever know the whole truth.  If there’s anything that these theories can show us, it’s that we’re becoming increasingly paranoid:

  • Mr. X voluntarily demoted himself (technically this is a lie, but a lot of people have been calling to ask if it’s true because they heard it through the staff grapevine).  Well, to be fair, it would only be true if he was subconsciously shooting himself in the foot.
  • Mr. X is being demoted to keep the other library managers in line, sending a warning signal to other people who miss those frequently-unscheduled-and-rescheduled meetings on a regular basis.
  • Mr. X is being demoted now because our new library is due to open in the spring (which is another promise I’m taking with a grain of salt) and they don’t want him to be the one getting the accolades and being in the spotlight.  Which if it’s true is a crying shame, because it was very important to him to stay with us long enough to move into our new facility before he retired.  But FWIW, there have been many conversations about other library staff who, in previous years, have been transferred just a few months before a major high-profile branch opening.