So the plan was for me to take the day off in honor of my anniversary with my boyfriend.  But it turns out that not only does he have to work all day, but then he has to go downtown for a meeting after work, so I have a lot of hours to kill before our romantic celebration.  I’ve spent most of the day so far doing laundry, cleaning the apartment, e-filing my taxes, and preparing a special dessert for tonight.  I’m not going to reveal the mystery dessert yet (it IS a surprise, after all), but I’ll share the recipe if it comes out well.  And if it comes out badly, then we shall never speak of this again.

So now I’m watching one of the strangest Italian science fiction films from the 1960’s I’ve ever seen — and that’s a pretty high strangeness bar right there.  If you ever get a chance to see Wild, Wild Planet (1965), I highly recommend it.  It’s filled with Italian women with enormous hair and lots of eye makeup, hilarious “toy on a string” model work, dancers in butterfly costumes, judo flips, and overly dramatic acting.  Turner Classic Movies is airing it today, so hopefully they’ll put it in the rotation again soon.  Read more about it from IMDB and from one of my favorite bad-movie websites.

Now to finish folding the laundry and to work on the next stage of the mystery dessert …