Yesterday it was raining and pouring again, and very windy again.  In the good news department, we had no more leaks above what remains of our Easy Books and Young Readers section.  But in the bad news department …

We now have similar leaks beginning on the top floor from the window frames above the science fiction and foreign collections.

It was leaking on top of the computers at our circulation desk again.

Our basement flooded again.  It was several inches deep for a while, and maintenance people had to come with a water pump to bail us out.  I’ve worked in this building for over a decade, and I think that the basement has flooded about eight times since I’ve been here.  It makes something as simple as going into the staff room to use the restroom or get your lunch out of the refrigerator into an enormous chore.  I ended up going out into the rain to buy lunch rather than getting past the displaced furniture, getting my stuff out of the refrigerator, and using the microwave.  The last time I went down there while the maintenance guys were working on the problem, I said, “Is it just me, or is this getting worse before it gets better?”  And none of them answered me.  I don’t take that as a good sign.

Other leaks: the floor of the AV closet, the door between the reading room and the back yard …

Oh, and in ominous news, we have been sent a copy of the results of the SECOND air quality test.  But so far we haven’t been allowed to see the FIRST test.  You know, the one that said how much crap was in the air before we made our first complaints about the mold/mildew smell.