Just got home, looking and feeling like something the cat dragged in.  The storm that’s hitting New York City is pounding away at my library, and there’s enough water leaking directly over our electrical equipment that our supervisors came to their senses and let us close the building before someone got electrocuted.

More in a moment, after I dry off a bit …

Okay, I’m back.  Now on to the “strangely elated” part.  And no, it’s not because I got to go home early (although that was great) or because I’m coming down from my adrenaline rush after wrestling with my umbrella when the wind pulled it inside out a few minutes ago.

No, I’m elated because I feel vindicated.  Yesterday a very nice lady came by to conduct air tests and inspect the library.  And guess what?  The drainage system on the roof is broken, and instead of the rain and snow being channelled away from the building, it’s running down into the bricks into the wall behind (and the window above) the Easy Books section.  She said that the books and the wall were still damp even though it hadn’t rained for days.  She said that the smell of mold and mildew was strong, and the more books she took off the shelves the stronger the smell became.  She said that she was going to recommend that the broken pipe on the roof be repaired and that the wall behind the book case be torn out and fixed.  She also said that she wouldn’t touch any more of the books on those shelves without gloves and a mask.  Guess which supplies we’re all out of?

Of course, we were waiting to see if the maintenance guys were going to show up to help us move stuff when we got word that we were going to have an emergency closing.  You know things are going badly when you have to drape your computers with plastic sheeting because the roof is leaking directly on top of them.   And you know things are going worse when the patrons are exiting quickly for once, and you realize that it’s because THEY SMELL SOMETHING BURNING.  Apparently putting plastic over your computers isn’t a good long-term plan.  But then again, we’ve been told multiple times that our roof is not going to be repaired because we’re going to be moving to a new location (once they finish building it, that is).

Oh, well.  Maybe we’ll just have to close early every time it rains.