Why This Has Been a Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Week

It snowed this week.  And not just snow, but cold wet slushy snow that froze us down to our very souls and which was deceptively deep at intersections.

I went to work on an especially blustery day, unwrapped myself from all my layers of warmth, and discovered that I was only wearing one earring.  AGAIN.  For some reason, the replaceable ones stay in.  I keep losing one-of-a-kind earrings that I buy at craft fairs.  Or in this case, one of a pair that was bought for me by my boyfriend as one of my Christmas presents.  *SIGH*

The kids had a snow day and we didn’t.  Man, did THAT suck.

My computer was recently attacked by the most malicious spyware that I’ve ever encountered.   I figured out a way to incapacitate the damn thing this afternoon, although I suspect I may have won the battle but not the war.  I’m waiting for the nice folks at Spyware Terminator to get back to me and tell me how to kill the damn thing once and for all.  Otherwise I’ll have to save all my important stuff to an external hard drive and then rebuild my computer from the ground up.  Which would also suck.

Things That Made This Week Not Suck Nearly As Much

My boyfriend got a clean bill of health from the doctor after his last checkup.  Can you hear me dancing?  I thought you could!

The positive responses I got from my last blog post.  Thanks a lot, guys.  You help to warm my soul when it’s cold and tired.  You make my grouchy days a little less grouchy, and that is a beautiful thing.