I attended NYCC on Thursday with my (free admission!) Pro pass, and I saw lots of teachers, librarians, plus a kazillion other people along the way.  It was more crowded than it’s ever been before, but I did get a bunch of cool stuff for me, for presents for my friends, and for my teens. (more…)

Here are a bunch of pictures I’ve taken in different neighborhoods in the Bronx and Manhattan over the last several months, including several locations I visited for Open House New York: (more…)

I had some time today to catch up with the backlog of pictures on my computer, so here is the first group — food, food, food, and more food! (more…)

It’s one thing to come home from work and feel like taking a shower.  It’s another thing to come home from work and HAVE to take a shower, because the balmy 70-degree temperature outdoors translates to over 87 degrees inside my library.  Because, you know, it’s October and the air conditioning has been turned off for the year and nothing you can say will get it turned back on.  We’ve got all of our fans on, but they’re just barely keeping us conscious.  Anyway, we’ve been spending our days feeling gross and cranky.  And Lord knows, it’s not fun to be around us when we’re gross and cranky.

In other news, I’ve been keeping busy with class visits (I presented my booktalks to an ESL class today through a translator, which was a very weird experience!)  I still need to go through my photos from Open House New York, and that will take some time.  And speaking of pictures, my boyfriend booked us on a fall foliage cruise this weekend, so I’ll have many MORE pictures to sort through soon.  And I’m reading YA books for one committee, and then more for another committee, and the idea of reading grownup books ever again is going WAY down on my triage list.  This also means that I’ve been spending my time reading lots of awesome YA books, most recently including Girls Like Us by Gail Giles, which kept me wide awake (and crying) until 1:00 am.  Oof.

And speaking of which … time for more reading!

I spent the morning at the opening of a local school library, which meant that I only had to talk for about five minutes and then I walked around taking pictures of the ceremony for the school librarian for the rest of my stay.  I also got to do a little networking with the school staff and the local politicians (I met our new councilman, and he was very pleasant and funny).

Then I spent the afternoon walking around New York Comic Con … and walking … and walking … and walking.  I used to go to one or two panel discussions back when they would have the panels first and open the show floor afterwards.  But now they’re opening everything up at the same time.  So other than a delightful detour to the Thrilling Adventure Hour booth (I got a poster signed for my boyfriend’s daughter, and I got to talk to Paul F. Tompkins about his appearances on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast!!!) I mostly walked around for hours buying stuff and picking up freebies for my kids until I couldn’t feel my feet anymore.  And then I came home to have dinner and rest.

Tomorrow I have to go downtown for a meeting in the morning, and then I’ll come back home to collect my NYCC freebies and bring them in to work … where I’ll have my most popular Teen Advisory Group meeting of the year.  Even kids who frequently space out on meeting dates tend to come in on Comic Con freebies day :)

After dealing with a couple of things messing up this week (including a class visit that was cancelled but I didn’t learn about it until I arrived at the school), I spoke at a staff training this morning and got some very nice feedback on my presentation.  My portion of the training was to talk about readers advisory for teens, to share examples of using social media to find and share reading recommendations, and to explain the concept of booktalking and give examples of booktalks to the group.

I received several compliments, including one that seems like the adult variation of the teen comment, “you sound like you could be on TV!”  Only this time it was a grownup telling me that I had “a good voice for NPR.”  Which made me laugh.  And several of the participants asked questions both during and after the presentation that told me that they’re interested in writing blog posts, and class visits, and booktalking.  So that was also positive because it was good to know that I was talking to a receptive audience.

Tomorrow morning I’m leading another training, although this time it will be about the transition to our new catalog system.  I suspect that this will not be quite as intellectually or spiritually fulfilling, nor will I receive any compliments about my NPR voice.  Ah, well.  Onward and sideways, I suppose …

I didn’t get out of bed until 9:30 and it’s raining out, so I’m already missing my goal of beating the crowds to the farmer’s market.  In fact, I just might scrap the plan altogether.  It was different when I lived so much closer to it — now that I have to wait for a bus to get there, it’s not such an appealing idea on rainy days.  Aaaaaaand … my boyfriend just called to tell me that it’s raining so much that the streets are starting to flood.  Urgh.

Well, I’ve had a fluctuating list of tasks for the last week, and there’s a bunch of stuff I never had time to do.  I need to write my 5-minute speech for a school library opening I’ll be attending next week, as well as some presentational stuff for a library training I’ll be doing.  And I have to write and share some book reviews, update my library’s Tumblr posts, work on some email, and … well, I could always read some more books.  That’ll keep me busy.

Later this weekend we’ll be going out to dinner, visiting my brother, and putting up the blinds in the apartment.  Then next week is going to be SUPER busy.  Every day next week I’ve got class visits, programs, meetings … and most of my free day is going to be spent attending panels and looking for freebies at New York Comic Con.  Busy busy busy!


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