I read and reviewed a few books.  I supervised a couple of teen programs, and the kids who showed up were pleasantly well-behaved.  I went to a meeting where I got to use the librarian part of my brain by discussing and recommending books.  One of my blog posts is doing well on my library’s website.  And I had a VERY productive free day … (more…)

We signed the lease for the new apartment this week, and I sent in my official notification to my current building management company that I would not be renewing my current lease.  We’re going to have a 2-week overlap in August during which we’ll be moving stuff, painting, having furniture delivered, having stuff installed, etc.  Going from a studio apartment to a 2-bedroom is going to be very exciting — another TV!  More rugs!  A new bed!  And more things we haven’t thought of yet!

I’m sorting out some more website/podcast stuff.  I moved my website content and podcast episodes to a new server several weeks ago, and while my newest content definitely exists on my website and sort of exists on iTunes (the new episodes are showing up, just in a new location), if you actually look up my podcast on iTunes all you see is the old list of episodes which stopped updating several weeks ago.  So I just sent iTunes support an email that I hope was polite, well-constructed, and able to convey that I took multiple steps to try to figure things out myself before bugging them about it.  So we’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of podcasts, I have several more episodes in the pipeline on other people’s shows.  So I’m waiting with bated breath to see if my brilliance / hilarity / impeccable comic timing will be revealed soon … ish?

We went to see the Rifftrax presentation of Sharknado at a theater in Union Square this week, and MAN, was that fun!    BTW, if you missed it they’re going to be re-airing it on July 15th!  Go see if it’s in a theater near you!

I went to several meetings in midtown this week, which means that I got to pick up some lovely lunches at Hale & Hearty Soups and Five Guys Burgers & Fries, in addition to some splendid desserts.  Oh … plus I got to exercise my mind, and stuff.  That’s what people usually remember about going to meetings, right?

Tonight I’ll be attending the going-away party for the librarian who’s leaving our system (and whose lovely apartment I’m inheriting!)  So that will mean good company, good food, and good drinks.  It will also mean loud music, but I can put up with that for an hour or two.

Tomorrow my boyfriend and I will visit my brother and deal with some more legal paperwork and banking stuff.  Next week I’ll be going to my bank to start on my beneficiary paperwork, as well as opening my own IRA and perhaps a savings account.  I need to set up several accounts so I can roll things into other things. It’s all VERY exciting.  Or, I suppose, it will be when it’s all over.

In which I open my mother’s jewelry boxes and cookbooks and make some cool / beautiful / alarming discoveries … (more…)

The best part of a 3-day weekend is that in addition to having time for our usual chores and family obligations, we also have time for ourselves.  Today we spent that time going downtown to see a movie and then have lunch.  We started by going to the Landmark Sunshine Theater to see Life Itself, a new documentary about Roger Ebert.

Life Itself Poster

I was a fan of Siskel and Ebert when I was a kid watching their show on TV, and after Gene Siskel died I continued to watch the show with its different co-hosts.  But it wasn’t until I received a copy of the book I Hated Hated Hated This Movie as a present one year that I became a head-over-heels fan of Roger Ebert.  Because I love bad movies to pieces, and it takes a certain kind of skill to write about bad movies in such an entertaining way.

Anyway, up until now my experiences with Roger Ebert were limited to the reviews I read in books, in archives, and on his blog, his appearances on The Tonight Show and The Howard Stern Show, and of course his excellent appearance with Gene Siskel on The Critic.

Siskel and Ebert on The Critic

Over the last few years since he became sick, disabled, and disfigured, I couldn’t bear to watch videos of him anymore because I would get too depressed.  While this documentary had a lot of great background on Ebert and was even laugh-out-loud funny at times, at other times it focused on the last years of his life and his deteriorating condition.  Which means that I cried about a dozen times during this film.  I’m still glad that I watched it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Roger Ebert and/or film history.  But I would NOT be able to watch it again.

After the movie was over and I went to wash my face and then put on sunglasses to conceal my red and swollen eyes, we went out to eat.  We went to Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue for a meat-based lunch of brisket, spare ribs and pomme frites:

Mighty Quinns Entrance

MQ Meats and Drinks

MQ Pommes Frites

We’d eaten their brisket sandwiches at Smorgasburg before, and they are absolutely DELIGHTFUL.  But this was our first trip to one of their brick-and-mortar locations, and the other menu items we sampled were wonderful, as well.

Then we went to go get dessert at Big Gay Ice Cream, which we’ve heard about for a while but never tried before.  We each had a cone — my boyfriend had a chocolate cone with chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate shell and I had a “Rocky Roadhouse” cone that had a ridiculous amount of marshmallows and nuts in it:

Ordering at Big Gay Ice Cream

Rocky Roadhouse Cone

So now Mighty Quinn’s and Big Gay Ice Cream have been added to the long list of places we’d like to visit again when we go back to the East Village.

I got a bunch of stuff done today, but there are a dozen more things I also need to do.  Yeah, I know, what else is new?  Today I uploaded a bunch of pictures I’d taken over the last few months, I caught up with some podcasts, and I made a recipe with my mom’s 1970’s clay pot cooker.

Now I’m tired and ready to go to sleep, but my neighborhood is one of the ones containing a certain percentage of morons who enjoy setting off fireworks in the street on the 4th of July, which means that if I DO try to go to sleep now it will be a losing battle.  So I’m going to try to stay up a while longer and get some more work done while the rocket’s red glare goes off outside my windows.

More posts coming soon …

After getting drenched by rainstorms twice in two days (gah!) I am now ready to start my long weekend.  I have books to read, blog posts to write, podcasts to listen to, photos to upload, etc.  Plus I’m going to experiment with my mother’s clay pot cookware and spend some “quality time” with my brother (my boyfriend will be there, too, which will make things easier for all of us).

I’m going to post some long-overdue pictures to Flickr now while catching up with some podcasts.  Hooray for multitasking!

I took some more pictures at my mom’s place today, but before I share those I thought I’d go through the backlog of pictures I’d taken lately … (more…)


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